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About Diagnostics Center:



MAGIC MOTORS has more than 30 years experience in auto diagnostics and repairs has led to work with leading UK diagnostic equipment manufacturers and suppliers thus has developed a first time faultless fault diagnostic system for today’s modern vehicle to give  fast and easy way to diagnose vehicle fault comprising the following.

1.                 SCANNING



4.                 FIRST LOOK ENGINE PUSLE

5.                 PRESSURE AND VACUUM





Magic scan is the latest technology at work at MAGIC MOTORS, it gives the technician to talk to the vehicle computer (ECM, Pcm, Tcm), sensors and actuators and other electric applications.  Due to environmental, energy conservation and performances concern, automotive manufacturer are using computers which take messages from sensors, then it instructs the actuators to give optimum result with the help of OEM software to work with these vehicle one needs Scanners with OEM software which is interfaced with the vehicle computer with DLC cable to on board diagnostic connector of the vehicle thus Magic scan which has the following capabilities.


Magic scan will Reset if Engine check or any other caution light is on and also give the reason why they are on.


Magic scan is important after a Tune-up as one not only reads live current data but also is needed to set Tps and many relearn programs which go berserk for no reason and effects performance and economy.

Magic scan is also very important to give adaptive values programs which reset/refreshes vehicle Ecm, Pcm and Tcm memory with fresh software Erasing all DTC’s and fixing check light with greatly improved driving performance with optimum economy.


Magic scan is the first choice for diagnosing the following ;Hesitation on acceleration, Lack of Power, Rough Idle, Missing, stalling, hard starting, Fuel consumption, abs, eps transmission problems.

Magic scan is very important for setting Cng as only cng workshop work with cng only and cannot work with petrol side of the vehicle thus damaging petrol side of the engine setting thus when you need to switch over to petrol you get into drivability problems and sometimes causing expensive repairs.


Magic scan is not expensive at MAGIC MOTORS give your car the maintenance it requires it will never fail you.




Picoscope Automotive is the powerful automotive software package that makes it easy for you to diagnose vehicle faults. Packed with features such as automated measurements and the ability to save and print waveforms, Picoscope Automotive is the ultimate tool for your diagnostic arsenal.


PicoDiagnostics is a complete engine health check. With just a simple connection to the battery you can perform a cylinder balance test, detect misfires, carry out a compression test and test batteries, starter motors and alternators. The results are displayed in a bargraph that can easily be understood by both you and your customer.

Using Picosope Automotive is both fast and easy. Simply select the sensor or circuit to be tested and the software will automatically load the required settings and give you full details of how to connect the scope, along with advice on what the waveform should look like and general technical information on the component/system being tested.

PicoScope Automotive diagnostic software includes over 50 different reference topics on vehicle components and systems, and there’s nothing to stop you from adding topics for your own specific vehicle tests.





The Injector’s performance is critical to the correct running of the computerized fuel injected engine. If the air/fuel ratio should deviate 1% from its pre-set limit. it could have an adverse effect upon the systems ability to control and eliminate excess pollution. This would also affect long term performance of EMMISION CONTROL component lambda sensor and catalyst exhaust with disastrous effect on FUEL CONSUMPTION and ENVIRONMENT.


Minimum Pollution good Fuel Consumption and Smooth and Safe driving is dependent on correct coombustion which is reliant on correct Atomization correct atomization is no longer an option, it’s a Requirement, then comes the Volume of fuel which can have dramatic effect on the smooth running and fuel consumption.


Too much fuel will give poor fuel consumption with valve carbon contamination resulting in expensive catalyst and valve work, Too little fuel again will effect engine performance, lack of power therefore 30000 km injector service will not only give longer    life to injector also improve performance of other expensive component such as valve, lambda sensor and  exhaust catalyst but also saves on fuel consumption with better emission making the vehicle very ECO FRIENDLY. To give you the best Magic Motor has Exclusive rights for ASNU U.K. for marketing and usage of its Injector Testing and service Unit Which is Leading machine used extensively by oem, Bosch and Delphi service center.