Pass to Xpert Advance Engine Management & Diagnostic & Instrumented Tune-up:


Duration:                      5 days

Target Group:

Technical Staff that need to enhance their understanding of relevant vehicle systems allied to the functions of high tech test equipment its considered to be the start of the process, refreshing the knowledge of experienced technician and introducing the less experienced to electronic systems and instrumented tune-up and diagnosis


Course content:

 This Program  is designed to enhance the Knowledge and skill of the mechanic or someone working with vehicles Maintenance and service sector, person attending this program will learn  the fundamental in th following.

1.     Auto workshop Practices and safety measures.

2.     Best Practices for energy efficiency in road plying vehicles.

3.     Instrumented Tune-up of both Gasoline and Diesel vehicles.

4.     Review of conventional Tune-up of both Gasoline and Diesel vehicles in the local automotive repairs and service areas.

5.     Tune-up of carbureted and EFi vehicles .

6.     Relevant Case Study for Different Car model in Road vehicles in local market.

7.     For Energy Efficiency Vehicle and over view of energy efficient vehicles e.g. LPG, Cng.

8.     Gas Analyzer its impact in energy and environment impact and its diagnostic value.


Modular Approach shall be used in the conducting the courses

Diagnostic can be a complex set of procedures, made more difficult, if the wrong or incorrect assessments are made. However each individual module is constructed to build a comprehensive foundation.


The modules begin with the essential forming of a contract between workshop and the customer giving you the control required for a successful repair.


 The preparation and basic evaluation is vital part of the diagnostic process and if carried out successfully will guide you in progressive logical direction.


The choice of  equipment  is every technician nightmare even the best equipment wrong usage will give bad diagnostic results Magic Motors 30 years of  experience gives them an edge on equipment selection learn from their choice and usage



Accurate Ignition system and sensor testing is vital if correct diagnostics of a system fault is to be achieved, evaluating key inputs using Scanner, Oscilloscope, Asnu Injector testing and service center, EGA at Magic Motors it is a constant effort to upgrade diagnostic methods and equipment, our courses  reflect that in hands on trainee and modules.


The entire management system is carefully unfolded in the simplest terms possible. Giving clear workshop procedures that actually work and provides a unique training package.


Module 1. day one;


Autoworkshop and Safety measure


Review of Conventional tune-up equipment and practices

Tools and Measuring gauges in common usage and specific one

Engine Performance indicators

Function of diesel and engine installed on vehicles

Tuning of carburetor and EFi vehicle with actual demonstration.


Module 2, Day Two

Petrol/CNG and Diesel Engine Fuel System including Electronic fuel injection.

Check-up for Exhaust Emission with tech Emission analyzer (4 gas analyzer)

Retrofit for Energy Efficiency in vehicles and overview of energy efficient devices.

Lubrication their importance forefficient performance of vehicles.


Module 3, Day three

 Equipment  usage and its advantages

Pico Scope and Magic Scan usage and advantages

 Check-up for Diagnostic scanner with on board diagnostic system.

Advantages of computerized Tune-up and emission control on vehicles

Disadvantages of avoiding computerized Tune-up at regular and timely interval

Advantages of wheel alignment and wheel balancing at regular intervals.


Module 4 Day 4.

EFi injector Testing and Servicing

Asnu injector Testing and Cleaning Equipment Usage and advantage.

Diesel Pump and injector testing and servicing

Enercon’s Automotive Engine and diagnostic and tune-up guide.


Module 5. Day Five.

Working on job in workshop

Evaluating the course and distribution of certificates