Pass to Xpert Technician Supervisor


Duration:                  3 years


Entry:                        Matric/ Entry appraisals.


Occupational Profile:

1.     The trade of auto mechanic/garage requires technical, personal and social competence of modern day diagnostic,  repair and management of technical problems of the workshop.


General Objectives

1.     Applying safety regulation and precaution, active accident prevention and                           environment protection.

2.     Reading, understanding and application of technical documents.

3.     Dismantling, Fitting, examining, testing and servicing modern vehicle defective  parts.

4.     Performing related tasks supervising other workers.

5.     Usage of modern diagnostic equipment.

6.     Performing maintenance Fluids, filters, belts and hose inspection and services.

7.     Engine mechanical.

8.     suspension, tire, and brake inspections and service.

9.     Body ,battery, charging and electrical systems.                      

10.   Inspection and service Documentation: Completion Certificate.