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Magic scan is the latest technology at work at Magic Motoras todays vehicle are (OBD) on board diagnostic it gives the technician to talk to vehicle computer Ecm Pcm Tcm Sensors and actuators and other applicable electronics.




It has the capability to talk to automotive computer as it carries all the  software to do so at the touch of a screen you can get to know all the diagnostic Trouble Codes whether it is in engine or transmission or abs or Air conditioning etcetera.
Magic Scans capability to read current data gives you a complete insight to chart out servicing requirement and also can make diagnosis easy as it can apply it self in on road condition. Actuation test is used to force a component to function or stop function to see if that its in good condition
Magic scan is very useful after the fault is fixed to Erase the code and also fix the check light in dash Magic scan with vehicle software can reset adaptive values improves driving performance
It is number one equipment to be used for diagnosing, Hesitation on acceleration Lack of power, rough idle, missing, fuel consumption hard starting, abs eps transmission. it is a must for a tune up of the vehicle as it reads all current live data and has the ablity to reset compter memory and vaule of given sensor .