Symptoms of Faulty Fuel Injectors


Faulty fuel injectors can have a serious effect on your car’s performance and can lead to untimely car break downs and significantly expensive car engine repairs. The following article will discuss several key symptoms of faulty fuel injectors. It is always best to have your car repaired if you notice any of these symptoms.

Violent Engine Idle One of the most common symptoms of faulty fuel injectors is a rough, choppy, or violent engine while you are sitting idle. A fuel injector’s responsibility is to put fuel directly into the engine cylinder via the fuel rail before it is burned during combustion. If this process is not done properly or efficiently, a choppy engine while sitting idle will occur.

Gasoline Leak The next common symptom of faulty fuel injectors is gasoline leaks. Fuel injectors can crack and break, which in turn causes a gasoline leak. If the faulty fuel injector is causing a gasoline leak, the spilled gasoline will be both visible and will cause a smell. A cracked fuel rail could also cause a leak.

Poor Fuel Economy Another common symptom of faulty fuel injectors is poor fuel economy. As mentioned earlier, a cracked fuel injector or fuel rail can cause a gasoline leak, which in turn will decrease fuel economy. A faulty fuel injector also may inject too much gasoline into the engine, which is wasteful, less efficient and will lower your car’s fuel economy.

Surging Engine If you feel your engine surging, your car may be suffering from faulty fuel injectors. A surging engine is caused by too much gasoline being injected into the engine. This can cause the engine to surge too fast and then accelerate too slowly. To the driver, this condition will feel like an up and down motion.

Misfiring Engine Another symptom of faulty fuel injectors is a misfiring engine. This will occur if your fuel injector is not sending in enough gasoline into the engine. This symptom may also be caused by clogged fuel injectors. To the driver, the misfiring engine will feel like a delayed acceleration when you touch the accelerator.

In conclusion, there are various symptoms of faulty fuel injectors including violent engine idling, gasoline leaks, poor fuel economy, surging engine, or a misfiring engine. To prevent a future car break down or expensive engine repair, be sure to have your car looked at if you are experiencing any of these issues. It could be that your fuel injectors are just clogged, in which case the repair is cheap. If a fuel injector needs to replaced, the total repair bill could be around Rs 40000.